Modern freshwater microbialite analogues for ancient dendritic reef structures

  title={Modern freshwater microbialite analogues for ancient dendritic reef structures},
  author={Bernard Laval and Sherry L. Cady and John C. Pollack and Christopher P McKay and John S. Bird and John P. Grotzinger and Derek C. Ford and Harry R. Bohm},
Microbialites are organosedimentary structures that can be constructed by a variety of metabolically distinct taxa. Consequently, microbialite structures abound in the fossil record, although the exact nature of the biogeochemical processes that produced them is often unknown. One such class of ancient calcareous structures, Epiphyton and Girvanella, appear in great abundance during the Early Cambrian. Together with Archeocyathids, stromatolites and thrombolites, they formed major Cambrian reef… CONTINUE READING

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