Modern agricultural practices and analysis of socio-economic and ecological impacts of development in agriculture sector, Punjab, India: a review

  title={Modern agricultural practices and analysis of socio-economic and ecological impacts of development in agriculture sector, Punjab, India: a review},
  author={Kamaljit K. Sangha},
  journal={Indian journal of agricultural research},
  • K. Sangha
  • Published 1 October 2014
  • Economics
  • Indian journal of agricultural research
Agriculture is a backbone of economy in the Indian state of Punjab where Green revolution was introduced early in 1960s and has contributed largely to make India self-sufficient in food production. Although, Green Revolution has enhanced food production and consequently the economic returns in agriculture sector, but it has many backlash effects. This study analyses the modern agriculture systems that were introduced with Green Revolution largely at the expense of over-and misuse of land and… 

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