Modern Women, Traditional Abrahamic Religions and Interpreting Sacred Texts

  title={Modern Women, Traditional Abrahamic Religions and Interpreting Sacred Texts},
  author={Victoria S. Harrison},
  journal={Feminist Theology},
  pages={145 - 159}
This article surveys some of the ways in which certain representative feminists from each of the Abrahamic religions have argued that patriarchal religious traditions have systematically excluded women from contributing to traditionally accepted interpretations of their sacred texts. It shows how, in response to this exclusion, feminist theologians from each of these religions have observed a need to interpret the scriptures of their traditions from the standpoint provided by their own… 
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Approved: ____________________________________ Thesis Supervisor ____________________________________ Title and Department ____________________________________ Date 1 A QUALITATIVE INVESTIGATION OF


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attempts precisely such a reformation in Engendering Judaism (Philadelphia
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Removing the Veil and Veiling: Towards Women’s Liberation and Social Reform’, translated by Salah-Dine Hammoud in Women’s Studies International Forum
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