Modern Theory for Electromagnetic Metamaterials

  title={Modern Theory for Electromagnetic Metamaterials},
  author={Zhong-Yue Wang},
The pressure of radiation in double-negative materials (DNG) with simultaneously negative permittivity εeff and permeability μeff predicted by Veselago in the 1960s is less than zero. Another object with positive energy density and negative pressure is a mysterious dark energy thought to drive space apart at an accelerating rate. Unfortunately, Veselago’s phenomenological theory based on classical electromagnetism is unsuitable for dark energy because the latter does not participate in… 
On Faster than Light Photons in Double-Positive Materials
The subject of FTL (faster-than-light) deserves extra attention since special relativity prohibits the existence of matter and energy that travel faster than c=1ε0μ0=299,792,458m/s$$
Mass or Energy? On Charge of Gravity
A gauge theory requires the conserved charge. The mass m0 is an invariant in relativity and some alternative theories where c2 is replaced by another constant K [1–4] but not conserved in the
Description of the Motion of Objects with Sub- and Superluminal Speeds
In this paper a direct derivation of the dynamics of objects moving with relativistic speeds is presented, based on two assumptions: (i) energy and mass of an object in motion are equivalent
Generalized momentum equation of quantum mechanics
Like the Planck–Einstein relation E = ℏω, de Broglie’s $$ {\mathbf{p}} = \hbar {\mathbf{k}} $$p=ħk is another fundamental equation but the universal momentum formulation should be $$ {\mathbf{p}} =
Mass or Energy: On Charge of Gravity
The gravitational charge should be the energy instead of the mass. This modification will lead to some different results, and the experiments to test the new idea are also presented. In particular,
Space-Time Intervals Underlie Human Conscious Experience, Gravity, and a Theory of Everything
Space-time intervals are the fundamental components of conscious experience, gravity, and a Theory of Everything. Space-time intervals are relationships that arise naturally between events. They have
Implications of Kleinian relativity
Inspired in metamaterials, we present a covariant mechanics for particles in Kleinian spacetime and show some of its effects, such as time contraction and length dilatation. We present the new


Experimental Verification of a Negative Index of Refraction
These experiments directly confirm the predictions of Maxwell's equations that n is given by the negative square root ofɛ·μ for the frequencies where both the permittivity and the permeability are negative.
Magnetism from conductors and enhanced nonlinear phenomena
We show that microstructures built from nonmagnetic conducting sheets exhibit an effective magnetic permeability /spl mu//sub eff/, which can be tuned to values not accessible in naturally occurring
Extremely low frequency plasmons in metallic mesostructures.
A mechanism for depression of the plasma frequency into the far infrared or even GHz band is proposed: Periodic structures built of very thin wires dilute the average concentration of electrons and considerably enhance the effective electron mass through self-inductance.
Properties of Bethe-Salpeter Wave Functions
A boundary condition at t = ± ∞ (t being the “relative” time variable) is obtained for the four-dimensional wave function of a two-body system in a bound state. It is shown that this condition
Apparent Weight of Photons
The effect of gravitational potential on the apparent frequency of electro-magnetic radiation was measured by using the sharply defined energy of recoil-free 14.4kev gamma rays emitted by Co/sup 57/
Possibility of Faster-Than-Light Particles
We consider the possibility of describing, within the special theory of relativity, particles with spacelike four-momentum, which therefore have velocities greater than that of light in vacuum. The
Test of time dilation using stored Li+ ions as clocks at relativistic speed.
The concluding result from an Ives-Stilwell-type time dilation experiment using 7Li+ ions confined at a velocity of β=v/c=0.338 in the storage ring ESR at Darmstadt is verified and interpreted within Lorentz invariance violating test theories.
Test of relativistic time dilation with fast optical atomic clocks at different velocities
Time dilation is one of the most fascinating aspects of special relativity as it abolishes the notion of absolute time. It was first observed experimentally by Ives and Stilwell in 1938 using the
Observation of the Inverse Doppler Effect
Experimental observation of an inverse Doppler shift, in which the frequency of a wave is increased on reflection from a receding boundary, which has been produced by reflecting a wave from a moving discontinuity in an electrical transmission line.