Moderating Effects of Project Management Experience, Project Team Size, Project Duration and Project Value Size on the Relationship between Project Manager’s Leadership Roles and Project Team Effectiveness in Malaysia

  title={Moderating Effects of Project Management Experience, Project Team Size, Project Duration and Project Value Size on the Relationship between Project Manager’s Leadership Roles and Project Team Effectiveness in Malaysia},
  author={Han Ping Fung},
  journal={Leadership \& Organizational Behavior eJournal},
  • H. Fung
  • Published 2015
  • Political Science
  • Leadership & Organizational Behavior eJournal
Many organizations are using project teams to achieve their organizational goals because they believe the importance and benefits of project teams. Project managers are advised to learn and demonstrate the leadership roles as proposed by Quinn (1988) because these roles can improve the project team effectiveness. Moreover, it is important to select an experienced project manager leading an effective team at the same time negotiating for ample time to execute the project. The current study… Expand
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