Models of female orgasm

  title={Models of female orgasm},
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Self-report instruments concerning personality and subjective responses to sexual orgasm were filled out by 281 female university undergraduates. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were used to evaluate the dimensionality of women's subjective responsiveness to orgasm. The results did not support the concept of a unidimensional orgasm process; separate coital and masturbatory factors of orgasmic experience were obtained. Highly internally consistent scales were developed to assess the… 

Dimensions of subjective female orgasmic responsiveness.

Correlates of the orgasm scales with background data revealed some discriminant validity for the three dimensions of responsiveness, and it was possible to isolate a large second-order factor of general orgasmic responsiveness that is consistent with most of the physiological evidence on the unitary nature of orgasm.

Are There Different Types of Female Orgasm?

Future research directions were outlined, especially the need to examine whether the same individual experiences different types of orgasms with partners with different characteristics, as evolutionary theorizing predicts should be the case.

Autoeroticism, sexual satisfaction, and sexual adjustment among university females: Past and current patterns

A review of the research literature reveals a general paucity of rigorous scientific analyses of masturbatory behavior in adult females. The availability of a data base from a pilot study concerned

Do all orgasms feel alike? Evaluating a two‐dimensional model of the orgasm experience across gender and sexual context

Overall, findings supported the utility of a two‐dimensional model of the orgasm experience, an adjective‐rating approach in comparing male and female orgasm, and the importance of examining sexual context effects on theOrgasm experience.

Extraversion, neuroticism, and sexual behavior: Interrelationships in a sample of young men

Within a sample of young unmarried men there was a positive correlation between extraversion and items in which the person described earlier sexual activity with more persons and in higher frequency and no correlation was found with neuroticism.

Sexual behavior, responsiveness, and attitudes among women: a test of two theories.

  • M. Newcomb
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 1984
This study tests two theories regarding the attitude and behavioral determinants of women's coital and masturbatory orgasmic responsiveness and found that attitudes predicted behavior and, in general, clitoral responsiveness tended to be a function of behavior.

Sexual Experience among Men and Women: Associations within Three Independent Samples

In the context of examining a wide range of correlates of sexual experience—defined as the lifetime number of sexual partners—an hypothesis is tested that sexual experience enhances personality by



New data about female sexual response.

  • C. Butler
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 1976
Responses indicated that, on the average, the strength and degree of gratification provided by an orgasm is not related to the method of induction or to the subjective localization of the pulsating sensations.

A self‐report investigation of two types of myotonic response during sexual orgasm

Abstract The researchers set out to obtain self‐reports of individual's orgasm reactions in an attempt to discover whether individuals discriminate between orgasms in qualitative terms using

Ethical requirements for research on human sexual behavior: from the perspective of participating subjects.

The postexperimental questionnaire, which was completed following the debriefing, indicated that subjects viewed their participation as constructive and void of negative aftereffects.

The “clitoral versus vaginal orgasm” controversy and some of its ramifications

Up until relatively recently in our history there was very little interest in the female sexual response. Women were supposed to be pure and chaste and a lady was not even supposed to be interested

Heterosexual behavior assessment. II. Females.

  • P. Bentler
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Types of Female Orgasm

The controversy about clitoral versus vaginal orgasms was discussed in Chapter 10. In this article, the Singers offer a new typology of orgasm, which tries to integrate recent physiological research

Multistructure Statistical Model Applied To Factor Analysis.

  • P. Bentler
  • Mathematics
    Multivariate behavioral research
  • 1976
A general statistical model for the multivariate analysis of mean and covariance structures is described, which has common-factor loadings that are invariant with respect to variable scaling and unique variances that must be positive.

Human Sexual Response

A report on clinical findings about human sexual response patterns and orgasmic expression.

The female orgasm

Frigidity in Women