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Models for characterizing Darrieus turbines and synthesizing wind speed scenarios

  title={Models for characterizing Darrieus turbines and synthesizing wind speed scenarios},
  author={Ashwath Mukesh Bhat},
With the evolving global energy dynamics, new and innovative ways to integrate renewable energy technologies into residential and commercial complexes are being adopted. Techno-economic models such as NREL-SAM and HOMER are handy for evaluating such integration of renewables. However, the unavailability of libraries for vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) and wind speed data limitations have been identified in the two platforms (NREL-SAM and HOMER). Accordingly, this project looks into… 



Design methodology of hybrid turbine towards better extraction of wind energy

Double-multiple streamtube model for Darrieus in turbines

An analytical model is proposed for calculating the rotor performance and aerodynamic blade forces for Darrieus wind turbines with curved blades. The method of analysis uses a multiple-streamtube

Evaluation of Self-Starting Vertical Axis Wind Turbines for Stand-Alone Applications

It is shown that the starting torque and low speed torque problems of VAWTs can be overcome either by passive variable pitch or by a combination of suitable blade aerofoil sections, either rigid or flexible, and transmissions which unload the rotor at low speeds so that high starting torque is not necessary.

A methodology to generate statistically dependent wind speed scenarios

Aerodynamic Characteristics of Seven Symmetrical Airfoil Sections Through 180-Degree Angle of Attack for Use in Aerodynamic Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

When work began on the Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) program at Sandia National Laboratories, it was recognized that there was a paucity of symmetrical airfoil data needed to describe

XFOIL: An Analysis and Design System for Low Reynolds Number Airfoils

Calculation procedures for viscous/inviscid analysis and mixed-inverse design of subcritical airfoils are presented. An inviscid linear-vorticity panel method with a Karman-Tsien compressiblity

Reassessment of the scale-determining equation for advanced turbulence models

A comprehensive and critical review of closure approximations for two-equation turbulence models has been made. Particular attention has focused on the scale-determining equation in an attempt to

Aerodynamic performance of a 5-metre-diameter Darrieus turbine with extruded aluminum NACA-0015 blades

A 5-metre-diameter vertical-axis wind turbine has undergone continued testing since 1976 at the Sandia Laboratories Wind Turbine site. The latest tests of this machine have been with extruded

Applied Aerodynamics of Wind Power Machines

The aerodynamics of various types of wind power machines and advantages and disadvantages of various schemes for obtaining power from the wind are discussed. Simple, one-dimensional models for