Models for Extremal Dependence Derived from Skew‐symmetric Families

  title={Models for Extremal Dependence Derived from Skew‐symmetric Families},
  author={Boris Beranger and Simone A. Padoan and Scott Anthony Sisson},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of Statistics},
  pages={21 - 45}
Skew‐symmetric families of distributions such as the skew‐normal and skew‐t represent supersets of the normal and t distributions, and they exhibit richer classes of extremal behaviour. By defining a non‐stationary skew‐normal process, which allows the easy handling of positive definite, non‐stationary covariance functions, we derive a new family of max‐stable processes – the extremal skew‐t process. This process is a superset of non‐stationary processes that include the stationary extremal‐t… 
Extremal properties of the univariate extended skew-normal distribution, Part A
High-dimensional inference using the extremal skew-t process
This article establishes the theoretical formulae for simulations of and inference for the extremal skew- t process, and incorporates the Stephenson-Tawn concept into the composite likelihood framework, giving greater statistical and computational efficiency for higher-order composite likelihoods.
Sub‐asymptotic motivation for new conditional multivariate extreme models
A sub‐asymptotic justification for why extensions of the Heffernan–Tawn conditional tail model appear to improve joint tail inference is sought and a class of extensions of them that may have wider value for statistical inference in multivariate extremes are proposed.
A space‐time skew‐t model for threshold exceedances
A new space‐time model for threshold exceedances based on the skew‐t process is presented, which allows for high‐dimensional Bayesian inference that is comparable in computation time to traditional geostatistical methods for large data sets.
A Non‐Gaussian Spatio‐Temporal Model for Daily Wind Speeds Based on a Multi‐Variate Skew‐t Distribution
Facing increasing domestic energy consumption from population growth and industrialization, Saudi Arabia is aiming to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and to broaden its energy mix by expanding
Composite likelihood methods for histogram-valued random variables
A composite-likelihood variation of this likelihood-based approach for the analysis of random histograms in $K$ dimensions is introduced, through the construction of lower-dimensional marginal histograms.
Contributions to Likelihood-Based Modelling of Extreme Values
Extreme value analysis is concerned with the modelling of extreme events such as floods and heatwaves, which can have large impacts. Statistical modelling can be useful to better assess risks even
Assessing Potential Wind Energy Resources in Saudi Arabia with a Skew-t Distribution
Facing increasing domestic energy consumption from population growth and industrialization, Saudi Arabia is aiming to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and to broaden its energy mix by expanding


Tail dependence in bivariate skew-Normal and skew-t distributions
Quantifying dependence between extreme values is a central problem in many theoretical and applied studies. The main distinction is between asymptotically independent and asymptotically dependent
The Skew‐normal Distribution and Related Multivariate Families *
Abstract.  This paper provides an introductory overview of a portion of distribution theory which is currently under intense development. The starting point of this topic has been the so‐called
Multivariate extreme models based on underlying skew-t and skew-normal distributions
Multivariate extended skew-t distributions and related families
SummaryA class of multivariate extended skew-t (EST) distributions is introduced and studied in detail, along with closely related families such as the subclass of extended skew-normal distributions.
On the existence of some skew-normal stationary processes
Recently some authors have introduced in the literature stationary stochastic processes, in the time and in the spatial domains, whose finite-dimensional marginal distributions are multivariate
On the Unification of Families of Skew‐normal Distributions
Abstract.  The distribution theory literature connected to the multivariate skew‐normal distribution has grown rapidly in recent years, and a number of extensions and alternative formulations have
Extreme Value Distributions for the Skew-Symmetric Family of Distributions
We derive the extreme value distribution of the skew-symmetric family, the probability density function of the latter being defined as twice the product of a symmetric density and a skewing function.
Non-Stationary Dependence Structures for Spatial Extremes
Max-stable processes are natural models for spatial extremes because they provide suitable asymptotic approximations to the distribution of maxima of random fields. In the recent past, several
Extremal tt processes: Elliptical domain of attraction and a spectral representation
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