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Modelowanie układów analogowo-cyfrowych w programie SPICE przy uwzględnieniu samonagrzewania

  title={Modelowanie układ{\'o}w analogowo-cyfrowych w programie SPICE przy uwzględnieniu samonagrzewania},
  author={Krzysztof G{\'o}recki and Janusz Zarębski and J. Krupa},

Porównanie wybranych narzędzi do komputerowej analizy układów cyfrowych

Two selected tools dedicated to the computer simulation of digital circuits: PSpice A/D and Electronics Workbench are presented and usefulness of these softwares in the didactics are discussed.



The electrothermal macromodel of the MA7800 monolithic positive‐voltage regulators family

This paper presents the problem of modelling the linear three‐terminal monolithic positive‐voltage regulators belonging to the MA7800 family with self‐heating taken into account. The new

Modeling and simulation of power electronic converters

The major focus of the paper is on averaged models of various kinds, but sampled-data models are also introduced and the importance of hierarchical modeling and simulation is emphasized.