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Modelos teóricos y neurociencia cognitiva de la percepción

  title={Modelos te{\'o}ricos y neurociencia cognitiva de la percepci{\'o}n},
  author={Enric Munar Roca and J. A. Rossello and Alejandro Maiche and David Travieso Garc{\'i}a and Marcos Nadal Roberts},
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Tareas de búsqueda visual: modelos, bases neurológicas, utilidad y prospectiva
Las tareas de busqueda visual, fundamentadas en el reconocimiento de una forma, caracteristica o estimulo visual en particular, han contribuido al desarrollo de la investigacion en psicologia. A
La reconfiguración perceptual de imágenes aplicada al desarrollo del pensamiento divergente en el aula de clase
It was established that the production of divergent ideas was significantly increased after giving specific instructions referred the phenomenon of perceptual reconfiguration using a breakdown into independent components.
The role of the corpus callosum in the visuospatial processing
The role of interhemispheric communication, and specifically the role of the corpus callosum in visuospatial processing, is discussed and the anatomical-functional connections are established from this.
La percepción en la evaluación del paisaje* Perception in landscape evaluation
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Haptic perception is a dynamic system of cutaneous, proprioceptive, and motor components
A number of studies that show that object recognition is proprioception dependent and that cutaneous information affects motor performance make the existence of the proposed subsystems doubtful.
Music Agnosia and Auditory Agnosia
Abstract: A review and an experimantal study were carried out in search of dissociations between the recognition of music (music agnosia) and that of environmental sounds (auditory agnosia) in stroke
“On the Visually Perceived Direction of Motion” by Hans Wallach: 60 Years Later
In 1935, Hans Wallach published his doctoral thesis at the University of Berlin as a paper in the Psychologische Forschung titled "On the visually perceived direction of motion". His paper is about
Visual Agnosia: Disorders of Object Recognition and What They Tell Us about Normal Vision
"Visual Agnosia" reviews a century of case studies of higher-level visual deficits following brain damage, places them in the general context of current neuroscience, and draws relevant conclusions about the organization of normal visual processing.
Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology
This chapter discusses the development of Neuropsychology, the structure and electrical activity of Neurons, and the structure of the Nervous System and its role in Behavior.