Modelo logístico de crescimento de cultivares crioulas de milho e de progênies de meios-irmãos maternos em função da soma térmica

  title={Modelo log{\'i}stico de crescimento de cultivares crioulas de milho e de prog{\^e}nies de meios-irm{\~a}os maternos em funç{\~a}o da soma t{\'e}rmica},
  author={Marta Stochero Depr{\'a} and Sidinei Jos{\'e} Lopes and Gisele Noal and Lia Rejane Silveira Reiniger and D{\'e}bora Telles Cocco},
Corn is one of the crops that produce more in the world, it has a wise geographic distribution, because of the big genetic variability present including creole cultivates. The objective of this study was to evaluate the growing 'Amarelao' creole cultivate, 'Lombo baio' and 'Oito carreiras' and also maternal progenies of half-brothers of this cultivate. This experiment was done in the agricultural year 2012/2013 in Santa Maria, RS. It was used the block delineation aimlessly with four… CONTINUE READING


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