Modelling of contrast enhancement for cardiac multi-detector row CT

  title={Modelling of contrast enhancement for cardiac multi-detector row CT},
  author={Uma D. Numburi and G P Chatzimavroudis and A Uber and J. P. Kalafut and A Stillman and R. White and S. S. Halliburton},
  journal={IEEE International Workshop on Imaging Systems and Techniques, 2005},
Cardiac computed tomography (CT) requires intravascular injection of iodinated contrast agent to visualize the cardiac chambers, large vessels, and coronary arteries. Currently, the standard injection protocol used clinically is uniphasic (fixed volume of contrast agent injected at a single flow rate). This results in non-uniform enhancement of the blood pool in some patients. The purpose of this work was to develop an algorithm for determining patient-specific contrast injection protocols… CONTINUE READING