Modelling of beef sensory quality for a better prediction of palatability.


Despite efforts by the industry to control the eating quality of beef, there remains a high level of variability in palatability, which is one reason for consumer dissatisfaction. In Europe, there is still no reliable on-line tool to predict beef quality and deliver consistent quality beef to consumers. Beef quality traits depend in part on the physical and… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2013.07.031


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@article{Hocquette2014ModellingOB, title={Modelling of beef sensory quality for a better prediction of palatability.}, author={Jean-françois Hocquette and Lynn Van Wezemael and Sghaier Chriki and Isabelle Legrand and Wim Verbeke and Linda J. Farmer and Nigel David Scollan and R. E. S. Polkinghorne and Rune R\odbotten and Paul Allen and David W. Pethick}, journal={Meat science}, year={2014}, volume={97 3}, pages={316-22} }