Modelling of Late-type Giant Atmospheres : Pre Paring for Gaia

  title={Modelling of Late-type Giant Atmospheres : Pre Paring for Gaia},
  author={A. Ku {\vc}inskas and I. Brott and Peter Hauschildt and H.-G. Ludwig and Lennart Lindegren and Toshihiko Tanab́e and V. Vansevicius},
Late type giants (RGB/AGB stars) will be important tracers of the Galactic morphology and evolution in the framework of Gaia, as they are intrinsically bright and thus can probe distant stellar populations or those obscured by interstellar extinction. A realistic representation of their atmospheres and spectra with stellar atmosphere models is thus of crucial importance, both for the design and optimization of Gaia instruments, as well as the interpretation of provided astrophysical data. Our… CONTINUE READING