Modelling microbial competition in plant microbial fuel cells

  title={Modelling microbial competition in plant microbial fuel cells},
  author={D.P.B.T.B. Strik and Ruud A. Timmers and Marjolein Helder and K. Steinbusch and H.V.M. Hamelers and C.J.N. Buisman},
Aims and Background The plant microbial fuel cell (Plant-MFC) can generate electricity in a clean, renew able, sustainable and efficient manner (Strik, 2008). The plant provides electron donors as rhizodeposits to a microbial community including electrochemically active bacteria ( EAB) w hich use the anode electrode as final electron acceptor (Rothballer, 2011). The anode electrode functions as an alternative electron acceptor in the rhizosphere. EAB compete w ith the microbial community that… CONTINUE READING

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