Modelling irrigation management services: the IRMA_SYS case

  title={Modelling irrigation management services: the IRMA\_SYS case},
  author={Nikolaos Malamos and Ioannis L. Tsirogiannis and Antonis Christofides},
Since agricultural water use has a substantial share in Greece, irrigation scheduling forecast and management tools constitute significant assets. This study illustrates the concept and implementation of the IRMA_SYS, a regional, user-friendly computer/mobile-based service. IRMA_SYS was implemented as open, fully customisable, modular software capable of estimating field specific crop water requirements and irrigation scheduling at multiple scales, from farm to water basin level. The estimation… 

Pilot operation and evaluation of a meteorological data fed water budget system for turfgrass

For Mediterranean countries irrigation is by far the major water consumer. In this framework the development of operational tools that are able to generate recommendations aiming to improved

Spatial interpolation of potential evapotranspiration for precision irrigation purposes

Precision irrigation constitutes a breakthrough for agricultural water management since it provides means to optimal water use. In recent years several applications of precision irrigation are

Evaluation of an operational participatory system for irrigation recommendations – case study for kiwifruit crop in Greece

1 Dept. of Agriculture University of Ioannina, Kostakii Campus, 47100 Arta, Greece; 2 School of Agricultural Sciences, University of Thessaly, Laboratory of Pomology, 38446 Volos Fitoko Str., Greece; A Synergistically Built, National-Scale Infrastructure for Monitoring the Surface Waters of Greece

The large-scale surface-water monitoring infrastructure for Greece Open Hydrosystem Information Network ( is presented in this paper. provides free access to water data,

Operation of a Digital Advisory Service for Irrigation Water Management: Case Study for Maize and Alfalfa Crops in Greece

Efficient ICT tools covering extensive areas consist important tools for tackling poor efficiency in participatory irrigation networks. IRMA_SYS, a climate smart irrigation DSS that assists

LCA-Based Environmental Performance of Olive Cultivation in Northwestern Greece: From Rainfed to Irrigated through Conventional and Smart Crop Management Practices

Olive cultivation is expanding rapidly in the northwestern part of Greece, under both rainfed and irrigated practices. Irrigation can result in larger yields and economic returns, but trade-offs in

Variability of Temperature and Its Impact on Reference Evapotranspiration: The Test Case of the Apulia Region (Southern Italy)

The present study provides an assessment of the climate variability at a subnational scale, focusing on the case of the Apulia region, in Southeastern Italy. The variables considered for the purpose



Crop evapotranspiration : guidelines for computing crop water requirements

(First edition: 1998, this reprint: 2004). This publication presents an updated procedure for calculating reference and crop evapotranspiration from meteorological data and crop coefficients. The

Precipitation forecast skill of different convective parameterization and microphysical schemes: Application for the cold season over Greece

Since March 2000, the MM5 model is running operationally at the National Observatory of Athens. For the definition of the model setup, namely the selection of the convective parameterization and the

The Meteorological Model BOLAM at the National Observatory of Athens: Assessment of Two-Year Operational Use

Abstract Since November 1999, the hydrostatic meteorological Bologna Limited-Area Model (BOLAM) has been running operationally at the National Observatory of Athens. The assessment of the model

Principles of geographical information systems

This paper aims to provide a history of fuzzy logic in information handling and geostatistics and some of the techniques used to deal with fuzzy logic problems.

HYDRO-TECH: An integrated decision support system for sustainable irrigation management (i): Main algorithms and field testing

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