Modelling intracellular H(+) ion diffusion.

  title={Modelling intracellular H(+) ion diffusion.},
  author={Pawel Swietach and Massimiliano Zaniboni and A. Keith Stewart and Alessandra Rossini and Kenneth W. Spitzer and Richard D. Vaughan-Jones},
  journal={Progress in biophysics and molecular biology},
  volume={83 2},
Intracellular pH, an important modulator of cell function, is regulated by plasmalemmal proteins that transport H(+), or its equivalent, into or out of the cell. The pH(i) is also stabilised by high-capacity, intrinsic buffering on cytoplasmic proteins, oligopeptides and other solutes, and by the extrinsic CO(2)/HCO(3)(-) (carbonic) buffer. As mobility of these buffers is lower than for the H(+) ion, they restrict proton diffusion. In this paper we use computational approaches, based on the… CONTINUE READING

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