Modelling and Economic Optimal Control for a Laboratory-scale Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for Single-cell Protein Production

  title={Modelling and Economic Optimal Control for a Laboratory-scale Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for Single-cell Protein Production},
  author={Marcus M. K. Nielsen and Jens Jacob {\O}stergaard Dynesen and Jess Dragheim and Ib Christensen and Sten Bay J{\o}rgensen and Jakob Kj{\o}bsted Huusom and Krist V. Gernaey and John Bagterp J{\o}rgensen},
—In this paper, we present a novel kinetic growth model for the micro-organism Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath) that couples growth and pH. We apply growth kinetics in a model for single-cell protein production in a laboratory-scale continuous stirred tank reactor inspired by a physical laboratory fermentor. The model contains a set of differential algebraic equations describing growth and pH-dynamics in the system. We present a method of simulation that ensures non-negativity in the state and… 

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