Modelling and Controller Design for a UV Disinfection Plant


A mathematical model describing fluid flow and concentration dynamics of microorganisms inside a UV photoreactor is developed. Using physical arguments and techniques from system theory, we approximate this model by a first order linear one. For this reduced model, we design a controller. The controller is tested on the original model as well as on the reduced model by numerical simulation. This showed only very small differences in dynamics, which indicates that for the original model a classic controller with excellent properties can be designed.

DOI: 10.3166/ejc.16.119-128

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@article{Mourik2010ModellingAC, title={Modelling and Controller Design for a UV Disinfection Plant}, author={Simon van Mourik and Bernard J. Geurts and Hans Zwart and Karel J. Keesman}, journal={Eur. J. Control}, year={2010}, volume={16}, pages={119-128} }