Modelling and Containment of a Social Network Worm Propagation

  • Tycho Teesselink
  • Published 2017


Social networks have boomed over the past few years. On a daily basis, countless users send messages and post or share information over the internet on these networks. Therefore it is no surprise that online social networks are a widely used medium to spread malicious software. Numerous researchers have tried to model the propagation of social network worms. For some of these networks is malware propagation not unheard of. In this paper a worm propagation model is developed that describes the propagation through social networks which is, among other things, not limited to decentralization or encryption characteristics. Infection simulations are run with three different infection probabilities as well as three different sets of initial seed vertices. Different containment methods are reviewed and, if possible, run on a dataset, which sampled a portion of the Facebook network, to verify how sufficient they are and to review at which stages the methods are the most effective.

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