Modeling with young students - Quantitative and qualitative


T HIS ARTICLE COMPLEMENTS the one on Making Models and Reasoning with Them in this journal in Spring 1997 (Vol 8). The paper is about the Tools for Exploratory Learning Programme, which was part of an ESRC national initiative on Information Technology in Education. The research created both tasks and tools to investigate the quality and nature of pupils… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02948724


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@article{Bliss1999ModelingWY, title={Modeling with young students - Quantitative and qualitative}, author={Joan Bliss and Jon Ogborn and Richard Boohan and Tim Brosnan and Harvey Mellar and Babis Sakonidis}, journal={J. Computing in Higher Education}, year={1999}, volume={10}, pages={69-110} }