• Psychology
  • Published 2009

Modeling the selective effects of slowed-down speech in pronoun comprehension.

  title={Modeling the selective effects of slowed-down speech in pronoun comprehension.},
  author={Jacolien van Rij and Petra Hendriks and Jennifer Spenader and Hedderik van Rijn and Jean Crawford and Kosuke Otaki and Makoto Takahashi},
In this paper we discuss a computational cognitive model of children’s well-known difficulties with pronoun comprehension (the so-called Delay of Principle B Effect, or DPBE). In this DPBE/ACTR model, Hendriks and Spenader’s Optimality Theoretic account (2005/2006) is implemented in the cognitive architecture ACT-R (cf., Hendriks, Van Rijn, & Valkenier, 2007). Hendriks and Spenader’s OT account attributes the DPBE to children’s inability as hearers to also consider the speaker’s perspective… CONTINUE READING

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