Modeling the drain current of the dual-gate GaAs MESFET

  title={Modeling the drain current of the dual-gate GaAs MESFET},
  author={Marc Ibrahim and Barry A. Syrett and J. Bennett},
  journal={IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, 2003},
  pages={2113-2116 vol.3}
A new empirical model of the dual-gate GaAs MESFET (DGFET) drain current is presented. The model uses a modified expression of the well-established hyperbolic tangent-function to accurately fit the DC and the RF I/V characteristics of the DGFET. The frequency dispersion of the DGFET transconductances and output conductance is taken into account in the new model. The new model is tested on many devices of different topologies. Very good agreement between the measured and the calculated I/V… CONTINUE READING