Modeling the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Using Standard Meteorological Measurements

  title={Modeling the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Using Standard Meteorological Measurements},
  author={J. Liljegren and R. Carhart and Philip Lawday and Stephen Tschopp and Robert Sharp},
  journal={Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene},
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The U.S. Army has a need for continuous, accurate estimates of the wet bulb globe temperature to protect soldiers and civilian workers from heat-related injuries, including those involved in the storage and destruction of aging chemical munitions at depots across the United States. At these depots, workers must don protective clothing that increases their risk of heat-related injury. Because of the difficulty in making continuous, accurate measurements of wet bulb globe temperature outdoors… Expand
Comparison of methods for estimating Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature index from standard meteorological measurements.
This study compares models developed by Liljegren at Argonne National Laboratory and by Matthew at the U.S. Army Institute of Environmental Medicine that calculate Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature using standard meteorological measurements and indicates LiljEGren is an acceptable alternative to direct WBGT measurement, but verification under other environmental conditions is needed. Expand
A Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Validation Study using Standard Meteorological Inputs and Modeled Solar Irradiance
Heat-stress-related injuries and deaths are a serious concern to the military. A joint Army/Air Force publication (TB MED 507) provides heat stress guidance based on the wet-bulb globe temperatureExpand
Assessment of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology wet bulb globe temperature model using weather station data
This study compares two WBGT models of varying levels of sophistication: the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABM) model which uses only temperature and humidity as inputs and a physically based model by Liljegren that incorporates temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation in determining WBGT outputs. Expand
Methods for Estimating Wet Bulb Globe Temperature From Remote and Low‐Cost Data: A Comparative Study in Central Alabama
WBGT estimates derived from all proxy data sources were statistically indistinguishable from each other, or from the Kestrel measurements, at two of the three sites, however, at the same two sites, the addition of iButtons significantly reduced root mean square error and bias compared to other methods. Expand
Wet-bulb globe temperature index estimation using meteorological data from São Paulo State, Brazil
It was found that this method is viable, with WBGT-estimated values obtained from meteorological data measured by stations with a distance of less than 80 km, and can be used for monitoring heat stress in real time as well as to investigate heat-related disorders and agricultural work. Expand
Empirical approach to outdoor WBGT from meteorological data and performance of two different instrument designs.
It was clear that estimating WBGT directly from meteorological data or through estimates of the components of WBGT can be accomplished with a 95% confidence of ± 2°C-WBGT. Expand
Recent very hot summers in northern hemispheric land areas measured by wet bulb globe temperature will be the norm within 20 years.
Wet bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) accounts for the effect of environmental temperature and humidity on thermal comfort, and can be directly related to the ability of the human body to dissipateExpand
Variations in Athlete Heat-Loss Potential Between Hot-Dry and Warm-Humid Environments at Equivalent Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Thresholds.
Potential heat loss was consistently greater in HD than in WH environments despite equal WBGTs, supporting the need for further clinical studies to determine the appropriate WBGT thresholds based on environmental and physiological limits to maximize safety while avoiding unnecessary limitations. Expand
Actual and simulated weather data to evaluate wet bulb globe temperature and heat index as alerts for occupational heat-related illness
WBGT-based heat stress exposure limits are highly sensitive and should be used for workplace heat hazard assessment, and simulated weather data demonstrated that for a given Heat Index, when radiant heat was included, WBGT was often higher than previously reported. Expand
Exceedance of wet bulb globe temperature safety thresholds in sports under a warming climate
Extreme heat poses a serious health threat, particularly for people like athletes, soldiers, and workers engaged in outdoor physical activity. For athletes, the American College of Sports MedicineExpand


The wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT) is the heat stress index commonly used to evaluated heat exposure in the work-place. Presently, the heat exposure in aluminum smelters can only be measured afterExpand
Prediction of workplace wet bulb global temperature.
The purpose of this effort was to examine a thermodynamic model in the laboratory and to predict WBGTs in an aluminum smelter by both the empirical and thermodynamic models. Expand
Estimating Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Using Standard Meteorological Measurements
The heat stress management program at the Department of Energy''s Savannah River Site (SRS) requires implementation of protective controls on outdoor work based on observed values of wet bulb globeExpand
Heat Stress Control and Heat Casualty Management
Abstract : This technical bulletin provides doctrine to the US Army health care providers and allied medical personnel to: a. Develop an evidence-based preventive program to protect militaryExpand
An improved method for monitoring heat stress levels in the workplace.
Studies in 15 industries revealed characteristic empirical relationships between workplace environmental conditions and outside weather conditions that can be used to estimate WBGT from weather forecasts, weather reports, or current meterorological measurements. Expand
Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook
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New Equations for Computing Vapor Pressure and Enhancement Factor
Abstract Equations are presented which relate saturation vapor pressure to temperature for moist air. The equations are designed to be easily implemented on a calculator or computer and can be usedExpand
Meteorological Data Processing
The archival storage and use of meteorological data sets, several data sets of interest to ASTM, and plans for handling a large data set should often include the creation of a small set that captures much of the information. Expand
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