Modeling the Water Bottom Geometry Effect on Peak Time Shifting in LiDAR Bathymetric Waveforms

  title={Modeling the Water Bottom Geometry Effect on Peak Time Shifting in LiDAR Bathymetric Waveforms},
  author={Anis Bouhdaoui and Jean-St{\'e}phane Bailly and Nicolas Baghdadi and Lydia Abady},
  journal={IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters},
Bathymetry is usually determined using the positions of the water surface and the water bottom peaks of the green LiDAR waveform. The water bottom peak characteristics are known to be sensitive to the bottom slope, which induces pulse stretching. However, the effects of a more complex bottom geometry within the footprint below semitransparent media are less understood. In this letter, the effects of the water bottom geometry on the shifting of the bottom peaks in the waveforms were modeled. For… CONTINUE READING
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