Modeling the Success of Small and Medium Sized Online Vendors in Business-to-Business Electronic Marketplaces: A Motivation-Capability Framework

  title={Modeling the Success of Small and Medium Sized Online Vendors in Business-to-Business Electronic Marketplaces: A Motivation-Capability Framework},
  author={Shan Wang and Yili Kevin Hong and Norman P. Archer and Youwei Wang},
  journal={Environment for Innovation eJournal},
This paper explores the performance of Chinese small and medium sized enterprises SMEs on Business-to-Business B2B electronic marketplaces EMs. Based on a content analysis of 155 cases of high performing online Chinese vendors, this paper explains the success of SME online B2B vendors within a Motivation-Capability framework. This first generation of SME B2B online vendors proved highly motivated to increase sales and developed a set of Internet leveraged organizational capabilities to compete… 

Determinants of B2B E-Marketplace Adoption: An Empirical Study of Indian Small Firms

A conceptual framework that identifies organization, environment, product and e-marketplace related factors influencing adoption is developed and using the data from 122 MSMEs, the significant factors that influence adoption of B2B e- marketplace are identified.

Impact of Capabilities on Firm Value Offering in the E-Commerce Service Setting

The results indicate that capabilities indeed play an important role for online shopping providers in the area of value creation for online consumers, and suggests to online retailers that capabilities have a positive effect on value offerings.

The Impact of E-Commerce Firms’ Capabilities on Value Offering in the Online Shopping Environment

  • Hui-chuan Chen
  • Business
    Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness
  • 2020
The retail environment has experienced massive changes due to the prevalence of e-commerce and online shopping platforms. In order to improve the overall level of customer service, organizations are

SMEs Must Go Online - E-Commerce as an Escape Hatch for Resilience and Survivability

The recent emergence of e-commerce has brought a shifting paradigm into global markets. This revolutionary framework relying upon technological progress has conveyed a new era of commerce. More than

A survey of Chinese SMEs on plans, experiences and perceptions of global e-business

In 2013 a survey was undertaken of Chinese SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) to better understand their plans for and challenges in globalisation; the request to participate was distributed through

Influence of Knowledge Management Infrastructure on Innovative Business Processes and Market-Interrelationship Performance: An Empirical Study of Hospitals in Taiwan

The study collected a sample of 126 hospitals in the Taiwanese healthcare industry and suggests that technological capability and cultural capability positively affect market interrelationships via innovative business processes.

Human Resources as Key Success Factor of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Russia

Successful development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), ability of entrepreneurs to recognize and use of key factors of successful grow are a foundation for the progress of a modern

Surviving and Thriving in the Online Labor Markets: A Geoeconomic Analysis

Online labor markets (OLM) lower the barriers of entry and enable global competition for IT service providers around the world. Although the prior OLM literature posits systematic advantages to IT

The Amount of Control in Offshore Software Development Projects

The authors were able to identify particularly high levels of control in projects with high task complexity and/or high offshore team involvement as well as intensive use of formal outcome control in high volume and strategically important projects.



An Empirical Investigation of an e-commerce Adoption-Capability Model in Small Businesses in New Zealand

The research findings indicated that: (1) starters: the adoption of the Internet and external email was dependent on the innovativeness of the CEO; (2) innovators: the adopted of an...

Organizational Buyers' Adoption and Use of B2B Electronic Marketplaces: Efficiency- and Legitimacy-Oriented Perspectives

Two groups of factors—efficiency- and legitimacy-oriented factors—that can influence organizational buyers' initial adoption of, and the level of participation in, B2B e-marketplaces are identified.

Electronic Commerce Adoption Barriers in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Developed and Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Comparison

The study showed that there are differences in the groupings and priorities of barriers to e-commerce between the two locations, and the finding that while Swedish respondents were more concerned with technical issues, the Indonesian respondents wereMore concerned with organisational barriers.

An Exploratory Investigation of Organizational Factors and e-Business Motivations Among SMFOEs in the US

The overall conclusion is that e‐business is in the early stages of evolution in small organizations and is favoured largely by entrepreneurial and innovative firms.

Factors Affecting E-Commerce Stages of Growth in Small Chinese Firms in New Zealand: An Analysis of Adoption Motivators and Inhibitors

It was found that the higher the stage of e-commerce adoption, the greater the need for owners having a more positive attitude toward e- commerce, more innovativeness and enthusiasm, and more technology literacy.

Strategic marketing practices and the performance of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan

This paper reports on a survey of the strategic marketing practices of 218 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Taiwan. The survey's results indicate that while the higher performing

An Investigation into the Antecedents of Organizational Participation in Business-to-Business Electronic Markets

Business-to-business electronic markets have a profound influence on the manner in which organizational buyers and sellers interact. As a result, it is important to develop an understanding of the

Multiple Conceptualizations of Small Business Web Use and Benefit

Based on the innovation adoption, organizations, and information systems (IS) implementation literature, a set of variables that are related to adoption, use, and benefits of information technology (IT), with particular emphasis on small businesses are identified and explored.

Factors Impacting the Adoption of the Internet among SMEs

The Internet can extend market reach and operational efficiency of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and enhance their contributions to the U.S. economy. This paper reports an empirical study


A growing body of empirical literature supports key assertions of the resource-based view. However, most of this work examines the impact of firm-specific resources on the overall performance of a