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Modeling the MCAS Way

  title={Modeling the MCAS Way},
  author={Joel M. Williams},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
The spdf-based orbital theory is a sophism. Things must be declared "different" at the electronic level to renounce classical physics. This paper shows that classical physics still operates at the electronic level! Electron particles are always there. Mass-to-wave/energy conversion and its reversal (duality) on-demand does not actually exist - a ruse that cloaks the negative-negative waive. There is no electron spin-reversal - a gimmick with "nmls" not even consistent orthogonality. The MCAS… 
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Are Electron Orbitals Fleshy, Hollow Pods

It is one thing to draw lobes for electrons with the understanding that one does not know what is going on inside those lobes. It is something entirely different to indicate that those lobes are