Modeling the Hydrodynamics of Phloem Sieve Plates

  title={Modeling the Hydrodynamics of Phloem Sieve Plates},
  author={Kaare H Jensen and Daniel Leroy Mullendore and Noel Michele Holbrook and Tomas Bohr and Michael Knoblauch and Henrik Bruus},
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Sieve plates have an enormous impact on the efficiency of the phloem vascular system of plants, responsible for the distribution of photosynthetic products. These thin plates, which separate neighboring phloem cells, are perforated by a large number of tiny sieve pores and are believed to play a crucial role in protecting the phloem sap from intruding animals by blocking flow when the phloem cell is damaged. The resistance to the flow of viscous sap in the phloem vascular system is strongly… CONTINUE READING