Modeling polysaccharides: present status and challenges.

  title={Modeling polysaccharides: present status and challenges.},
  author={Serge P{\'e}rez and M. L. C. E. Kouwijzer and Karim Mazeau and S\oren Balling Engelsen},
  journal={Journal of molecular graphics},
  volume={14 6},
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The most recent tools that have been developed for modeling the three-dimensional features of polysaccharides and carbohydrate polymers are presented. The presentation starts with a description of the conformations of the monosaccharides, and of the flexible rings such as in the case of five-membered rings, and a thorough description of the conformational space that is available for a disaccharide unit, either in vacuo or in an aqueous phase. The extension to the modeling of the parent… CONTINUE READING