Modeling of torsion stress giant magnetoimpedance in amorphous wires with negative magnetostriction

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  • N. A. Buznikov, C. Kim
  • Published 1 May 2007
  • Materials Science
  • Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Effect of torsional stresses on the magnetoimpedance of amorphous wires with negative magnetostriction
A model to describe the effect of torsional stresses on the magnetoimpedance of amorphous wires with negative magnetostriction is suggested. An approximate expression for the impedance with regard to
Stress-induced magnetic hysteresis in amorphous microwires probed by microwave giant magnetoimpedance measurements
We report the results of a detailed study of the effects of tensile and torsional stresses on the giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) characteristics of vanishing-magnetostrictive Co-rich microwires at
A Core–Shell Model for Magnetoimpedance in Stress-Annealed Fe-Rich Amorphous Microwires
The magnetoimpedance effect in a stress-annealed Fe-rich amorphous microwire with induced magnetic anisotropy in a surface region is studied theoretically. The static magnetization distribution
Magnetoimpedance and Field Sensitivity of CoFeSiB Amorphous Ribbons under Applied Tensile Stress
Magnetoimpedance (MI) and field sensitivity of CoFeSiB amorphous ribbons were investigated at frequencies ranging from 0.2 to 12 MHz after tensile stress applied. Experimental results indicate that
Giant magneto-impedance effect in amorphous ferromagnetic wire with a weak helical anisotropy: Theory and experiment
An adequate description of the results of experimental measurement of both diagonal and off-diagonal Giant magneto-impedance (GMI) components has been obtained for Co-rich amorphous microwire at
Fabrication and Properties of Micro‐ and Nanoscale Metallic Glassy Wires: A Review
  • J. Yi
  • Materials Science
  • 2018
A large number of metallic glasses (MGs) with high mechanical and functional performance that cannot be achieved by traditional metals in various alloy systems have been developed. At the same time,


Experimental And Phenomenological Investigation Of The Effect Of Stress On Magnetoimpedance In Amorphous Alloys
  • D. Atkinson, P. Squire
  • Materials Science
    1997 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG'97)
  • 1997
The tensile stress dependence of magneto-impedance (MI) in CoSiB and CoFeSiB amorphous wires is reported. A phenomenological model for the transverse susceptibility based on a simple domain
A theoretical model for the giant magnetoimpedance in ribbons of amorphous soft‐ferromagnetic alloys
Giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) measured in ribbons of the soft ferromagnet Co75−xFexSi15B10 annealed in the presence of a transverse magnetic field exhibits peaks in its field dependence. The GMI is
Effect of helical-induced anisotropy on the magnetoinductance response of Co-based amorphous wires
In this letter, the effect of helical anisotropy, induced by torsion strain, on the circular permeability μφ, of a vanishing negative magnetostrictive CoFeSiB wire is presented. As a function of a dc
Stress dependence of the giant magneto-impedance effect in amorphous wires
The recently discovered giant magneto-impedance (GMI) effect has been measured as a function of circular driving-field frequency and applied tensile stress on two near-zero-magnetostriction amorphous
Asymmetric torsion stress giant magnetoimpedance in nearly zero magnetostrictive amorphous wires
The effect of the torsion strain on the electrical impedance in (Co0.95Fe0.05)72.5Si12.5B15 amorphous wire has been investigated. The torsion stress impedance ratio, defined as
Coupled core-shell model of magnetoimpedance in wires
Magnetoimpedance (MI) has been studied extensively in soft magnetic wires and plates. Although a general theoretical basis has evolved, several details remain poorly understood. In particular, the
The torsional dependence of the magneto-impedance effect in current-annealed Co-rich amorphous wires
We report in this work the behaviour of the magneto-impedance in twisted wires of amorphous that have been subjected to a current annealing with an applied tensile stress and have various induced