Modeling of the kinetics of vitamin D(3) in osteoblastic cells.

  title={Modeling of the kinetics of vitamin D(3) in osteoblastic cells.},
  author={Robert P. Gilbert and Philippe Guyenne and Ying D. Liu},
  journal={Mathematical biosciences and engineering : MBE},
  volume={10 2},
A one-dimensional model for the transport of vitamin D(3) in an osteoblast cell is proposed, from its entry through the membrane to its activation of RANKL synthesis in the nucleus. In the membrane and cytoplasm, the transport of D(3) and RANKL is described by a diffusion process, while their interaction in the nucleus is modeled by a reaction-diffusion process. For the latter, an integral equation involving the boundary conditions, as well as an asymptotic solution in the regime of small… CONTINUE READING

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