Modeling of PV Array and Performance Enhancement by MPPT Algorithm

  title={Modeling of PV Array and Performance Enhancement by MPPT Algorithm},
  author={N. Senthil Selvan and Saikat Banerjee and Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt and K. H. Hussein and Itsuya Muta and T. Hshino and John A. Gow and Christopher D. Manning},
This paper proposes modeling and simulation of photovoltaic model. Taking in to account the temperature and sun’s irradiance, the PV array is modeled and its voltage current characteristics and the power and voltage characteristics are simulated. This enables the dynamics of PV system to be easily simulated and optimized. It is noticed that the output characteristics of a PV array are influenced by the environmental factors and the conversion efficiency is low. Therefore a maximum power… CONTINUE READING