Modeling of Flow and Radiation in the Atlas Plume

  title={Modeling of Flow and Radiation in the Atlas Plume},
  author={Alina A. Alexeenko and Natalia Gimelshein and Deborah A. Levin and Robert J. Collins and R. S. Rao and Graham V. Candler and Sergey F. Gimelshein and J. S. Hong and T. Schilling},
Modeling results and data are presented for a chemically reacting  ow from a thrusting Atlas II rocket at low altitudes. High spatial resolution imagery and spectra have been obtained for a kerosene/liquid oxygen multinozzle plume at altitudes in the continuum  ow regime. A numerical solution for a three-dimensional plume  ow from the Atlas rocket engine is obtained using two different Navier–Stokes computational  uid dynamics codes. The in uence of the  ow near the rocket body on the… CONTINUE READING


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