Modeling of Damages in the Bridges

  • Naouar LAAIDI, Sougrati BELATTAR
  • Published 2009


The daily traffic on bridges, the moisture of the atmosphere and the tiredness of materials, cause damages even the collapse of these works, if there is not a policy of maintenance and maintenance allowing the detection of possible defects in these structures and the intervention in the convenient period. These degradations can be cracks types (longitudinal or transverse), vacuums, corrosion or due to the accumulation of calcite on the beams and the flagstone... etc. In this work we present a thermal method of non destructive testing, based on numerical modeling in three dimensions, in order to detect defects of the empty type or corrosion in a flagstone of bridge. The influence of nature and the geometrical parameters of these defects, on the response of such structure to a thermal excitation is studied. The numerical resolution of this problem was carried out using a numerical computation software based on the finite element method.

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