Modeling high-biomass-density cell recycle fermentors.


Since intrinsic models, which take into account cell volume fraction, follow from proper application of the law of conservation of mass to a multiphase system, the intrinsic modeling approach should be used whenever biomass occupies a significant volume fraction of the culture. A recent report(11) offers the first comparison of intrinsic and nonintrinsic model predictions to actual experimental data gathered from a high-density yeast recycle fermentor. Here, the analysis of Jarzebski et al.(11) has been carried further to show that the improper nonintrinsic model predicts a steady-state culture glucose concentration that differs from that given by the fundamentally correct intrinsic model by over 60% at the optimal, bleed stream flow rate. In addition, a revised formulation for an intrinsic ethanol mass balance is presented.

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