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Modeling flood inundation in floodplain of the Jamuna River using HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS

  title={Modeling flood inundation in floodplain of the Jamuna River using HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS},
  author={Md. Mostafizur Rahman and Md. Mostafa Ali},
Bangladesh lies at the confluence of world’s three major rivers, namely the Ganges, the Jamuna and the Meghna. In Bangladesh, normally four types of flood expressly river flood, flash flood, tidal flood and storm surge flood appear. The Jamuna River is most vulnerable to river flood. As a low lying country, flood occurs repeatedly in Bangladesh and cause tremendous losses in terms of property and life, particularly in the low land areas. At least 20 % areas are flooded every year and in case of… 

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