Modeling and optimization of a municipal treatment plant using EnviroPro Designer

  title={Modeling and optimization of a municipal treatment plant using EnviroPro Designer},
  author={V Santamarina},
  journal={Environmental Progress},
The increasingly stringent environmental regulations on discharge standards have rendered the the optimal design and operation of industrial and municipal treatment plants a challenging task. The new regulations require tracking and control of VOCs and heavy metals if such chemicals are present in the influent stream. Further, they require more effective removal of nutrients (organic nitrogen, and phosphorus). To address the above issues at our facility, Enviro-Pro Designer, a comprehensive… Expand
Software tool for environmental plant modeling
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A framework for the design of the future energy-efficient, cost-effective, reliable, resilient, and sustainable full-scale wastewater treatment plants
Abstract Generally, the compliance with the effluent quality standards, the related harm prevention on the surrounding environment and human health, costs reduction, possible water reuse, energy andExpand
Simulation and optimisation of full-scale palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment plant with biogas production
Abstract Palm oil mill effluent (POME) is the primary source of water pollution in the oil palm industry. Most palm oil mills are employing a series of anaerobic and aerobic ponds for POME treatment,Expand
Computer simulation of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and process economics of the fluid milk process.
A customizable model of the fluid milk process was developed for use in process design software to benchmark the electrical and fuel energy consumption and CO2 emissions of current processes and it was demonstrated that implementation of steps to lower non-process-related electrical energy in the plant would be more effective in lowering energy use andCO2e emissions than fuel-related energy reductions. Expand


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