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Modeling and Simulation of Poly-crystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor for Improved Gate Transport Efficiency

  title={Modeling and Simulation of Poly-crystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor for Improved Gate Transport Efficiency},
  author={Amit Sehgal and Tina Mangla and Sonia Chopra and Mridula Gupta and R. S. Gupta},
In this work, a two-dimensional potential distribution formulation/model is presented for modified Schottky gate contact polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors. The work aims at deriving potential solution and in this way trying to limit the impact of punch-through condition. Green’s function approach is adopted for the two-dimensional potential solution. The developed formulation incorporates the effects due to traps, grain-boundaries, short-channel and drain-induced barrier lowering… Expand

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