Modeling and Simulation in Systems Engineering

  title={Modeling and Simulation in Systems Engineering},
  author={Andrew P. Sage and Stephen R. Olson},
  pages={90 - 91}
Simulation and modeling are major assets in the engineering of systems of all types. This two-part series addresses the much expanded role for M&S that is due to the prospect that evolutionary and adaptive engineering efforts are the wave of the future. The Department of Defense's Simulation BasedAcquisition initiative is a case in point, but some critical issues need to be addressed to bring it to fruition. In this first part, we set the background in systems engineering, information… 
Prospects for systems engineering process dynamics
  • Susan Ferreira
  • Engineering, Business
    2010 IEEE International Systems Conference
  • 2010
This paper discusses the motivation to develop systems engineering process simulators and the opportunity to leverage lessons learned from software engineering and project management simulator
Conflict and risk in systems management as complex adaptive systems issues
  • A. Sage
  • Business
    2001 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. e-Systems and e-Man for Cybernetics in Cyberspace (Cat.No.01CH37236)
  • 2001
Systems management deals with such issues as program and project management, technical direction of development, quality management, configuration management, and risk management. Risk and associated
Strategical and multidisciplinary steering of aeronautical projects on the basis of shared value model and innovation process
The mass production of aircrafts has been mainly led by the objective of both maximizing technological performances and minimizing the manufacturing costs. Within also the constraints of safety and
Effect of applying independence axiom of Axiomatic Design theory on performance of an Integrated Manufacturing Information System: a computer simulation modeling approach
To control manufacturing processes, integration of flows of manufacturing information is an important starting point. In this regard, an effective Integrated Manufacturing Information System (IMIS)
Innovative Management Strategy and Methodologies for Acquisition Programs of the Defense Weapon System
Under the fast technology changes and budget constraints, the organizations related to national defense face increased demands to develop innovative strategy and methodology to maximize performance
Engineering "Total Electric Ship"
  • T. Ericsen
  • Engineering
    2007 IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Conference
  • 2007
The complexity of today's ship systems exceeds capabilities of existing tools for "total system engineering". As the power of systems increases, lower order effects have substantial amounts of energy
Power Electronic systems
  • T. Ericsen
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    2010 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics
  • 2010
The paper provides a logical argument for future controller abilities to control any system to near perfection - accurately, precisely, reliably, and safely.
Managing Complex Mechatronics R&D: A Systems Design Approach
A systems design procedure to integrate mechanical design, structure prototyping, and servo evaluation through careful comprehension of the servo-mechanical-prototype production cycle commonly employed in mechatronic industries is proposed.
How to use a systems diagram to analyse and structure complex problems for policy issue papers
This work has developed a systemic, stepwise approach that centers on the construction of a system diagram as a means to provide structure to the conceptualisation of a complex problem situation.
The Second Electronic Revolution (It's All About Control)
  • T. Ericsen
  • Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
  • 2010
Systems for ships, offshore platforms, chemical plants, foundries, and utilities are rapidly changing as a result of the second electronic revolution. The first revolution was with integrated