Modeling and Simulating Ambient Assisted Living Environments - A Case Study

  title={Modeling and Simulating Ambient Assisted Living Environments - A Case Study},
  author={Tim Laue and Christoph Stahl},
Modeling the layout of an apartment – including different furniture configurations and several moving elements – is a non-trivial task, especially if accessibility has to be assured e. g. for wheelchairs. In this paper, we describe a two-staged example for such a task by connecting two different applications: In the first step, the YAMAMOTO toolkit is used to efficiently model the building structure and to plan the furnishing of the environment in 3-D. Afterwards, the desired configuration… 
Modeling and simulating assistive environments in 3-D with the YAMAMOTO toolkit
We present the map modeling toolkit YAMAMOTO, which allows to efficiently model and design assistive building environments in 3-D. We focus on the tool's ability to represent and simulate sensors and
A Simulated Environment for Elderly Care Robot
Development of a simulated environment for an autonomous mobile robot, ARTOS, has been presented and an animated human character is also developed to validate the robotic behavior.
Behavior-based search of human by an autonomous indoor mobile robot in simulation
  • S. Mehdi, K. Berns
  • Computer Science
    Universal Access in the Information Society
  • 2013
The paper focuses on the development of a behavior-based strategy for an indoor autonomous mobile robot to find an elderly person living alone in an unstructured home environment and promising results from the 3D simulation show the effectiveness of the developed methodology.
An Implementation, Execution and Simulation Platform for Processes in Heterogeneous Smart Environments
The paper describes two examples of assisting services in a real smart home living lab, one for light and door control in emergency situations, and one for the scheduling of two parallel wheelchair transports.
SHIP-Tool Live: Orchestrating the Activities in the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab - (Demo)
The SHIP-tool is presented, which implements the process language and serves both for simulation and execution of sample ambient intelligent services in a real smart home living labs also presented in the paper.
Simulation Support for Monitored Assisted Living System Development: A Vision for the Future
  • Besim Mustafa
  • Computer Science
    2013 Seventh International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies
  • 2013
This paper describes a simulator developed in order to support both the hardware and software developments of a collaborative project for an assisted living system designed to leverage smart remote monitoring and home security technology.
A Smart Monitoring System for Assisted Living Support Using Adaptive Lifestyle Pattern Analysis
This chapter describes one such effort which distinguishes itself from the rest by considering and describing a system with true commercial potential and thus significant social impact, as well as promising efforts in investigating and identifying the requirements for a system of smart monitoring and adaptive lifestyle pattern detection and analysis.


SimRobot - A General Physical Robot Simulator and Its Application in RoboCup
SimRobot, a robot simulator which is able to simulate arbitrary user-defined robots in three-dimensional space, is described, which includes a physical model which is based on rigid body dynamics.
Mobility Assistance in the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab
The goal is to evaluate new ambient assisted living technologies regarding their everyday usability, and various interaction modes are investigated, such as a head joystick, a touch screen, and natural language dialog.
Taking Location Modelling to New Levels: A Map Modelling Toolkit for Intelligent Environments
A map modelling toolkit that meets the special requirements of pedestrian navigation in intelligent environments is presented, which supports geometric modelling of architectural ground plans through polygon meshes and provides a routing module for pedestrian navigation.
Location- and Context-Awareness, Third International Symposium, LoCA 2007, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, September 20-21, 2007, Proceedings
These proceedings contain the papers presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Location- and Context-Awareness in May of 2006, intended to present research aimed at sensing, inferring, and using location and context data in ways that help the user.
Technik für Senioren in spe im Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab
  • Technik für Senioren in spe im Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab
  • 2009