Modeling and Rendering of the Anisotropic Reflection on Ukiyo-e

  title={Modeling and Rendering of the Anisotropic Reflection on Ukiyo-e},
  author={Xin Yin and Kangying Cai and Ryohei Yoshikawa and Yuki Takeda and Ryo Akama and Hiromi T. Tanaka},
The Ukiyo-e is one traditional Japanese art. Some small bump structures on the paper are made by the special print technique. And the particle of the mica and the gold are used as the pigment also. As these reasons, the reflection of the Ukiyo-e shows variation of color according to the direction of the lighting and the viewpoint. This phenomenon is the anisotropic reflection of the Ukiyo-e. The subject of this research is representing this special phenomenon occur on the Ukiyo-e. At first, the… CONTINUE READING