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Modeling and Coordination Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid

  title={Modeling and Coordination Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid},
  author={V. Madhavi},
Microgrid concept acts as a solution to integrate large amounts of micro generation without disrupting the operation of utility grid. Power generation from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, fuel cells, microturbines etc will give significant momentum in near future. Thus, hybrid AC/DC microgrid will be the best solution to reduce multiple reverse conversions (dc-ac-dc or ac-dc-ac) in an individual ac or dc grid. The proposed hybrid grid consists of both AC and DC networks connected to… Expand
Operation and control of Hybrid Microgrid
In recent years, hybrid microgrid comprises of dc and ac subgrids interconnected by power electronic interfaces unlike in existing microgrids which are purely ac or dc. The main objective is toExpand
Design and Simulation of a DC Microgrid for a Small Island in Belize
A microgrid based on direct current (DC) was designed and simulated for a small island in Belize to reduce the amount of conversion losses between AC-DC and DC to allow for a cheaper and simpler system. Expand
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Stand-alone DC Hybrid Microgrid for a Base Transceiver Station in Nigeria
The dynamic modeling and simulation of a DC hybrid power system for a rural base transceiver station in Nigeria currently being powered by an AC diesel generator shows a stable power output to the load at rated voltage of 48 V. Expand
Developing Cost Effective Demand Response Management Algorithm For Ac / Dc Hybrid System
The focus of micro-grid developers is to meet the required power demand of final consumers in small localities at every point in time. Fortunately, there exist hybrid power sources (ac/dc) in mostExpand


Control and Power Management of Converter Fed Microgrids
  • C. Sao, P. Lehn
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 2008
A voltage-power droop/frequency-reactive power boost (VPD/FQB) control scheme that allows multiple voltage source converters to operate in parallel in a VSC fed microgrid is presented. Expand
Microgrid: a conceptual solution
  • R. Lasseter, P. Paigi
  • Engineering
  • 2004 IEEE 35th Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37551)
  • 2004
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Multi-agent coordination for DER in MicroGrid
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Power management of a stand-alone wind/photovoltaic/fuel-cell energy system
  • Caisheng Wang, H. Nehrir
  • Engineering
  • 2008 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting - Conversion and Delivery of Electrical Energy in the 21st Century
  • 2008
Summary form only given. This paper proposes an ac-linked hybrid wind/photovoltaic (PV)/fuel-cell (FC) alternative energy system for stand-alone applications. Wind and PV are the primary powerExpand
Power Management of a Stand-Alone Wind/Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell Energy System
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Development of a MATLAB/Simulink Model of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System
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DC distribution for industrial systems: opportunities and challenges
  • M. Baran, N. Mahajan
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Technical Conference Industrial and Commerical Power Systems
  • 2002
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Low-Voltage DC Distribution System for Commercial Power Systems With Sensitive Electronic Loads
In this paper, the use of DC power system to supply sensitive electronic loads is treated. First, general design issues regarding DC power systems are discussed, and then the measurement results fromExpand