Modeling a lethal prostate cancer variant with small-cell carcinoma features.

  title={Modeling a lethal prostate cancer variant with small-cell carcinoma features.},
  author={Vassiliki N Tzelepi and Jiexin Zhang and Jing-fang Lu and Brittany N. Kleb and Guanglin Wu and Xinhai Wan and Anh Ta Hoang and Eleni Efstathiou and Kanishka Sircar and Nora Navone and P. Brunny Troncoso and Shoudan Liang and Christopher J. Logothetis and Sankar N. Maity and Ana Aparicio},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={18 3},
PURPOSE Small-cell prostate carcinoma (SCPC) morphology predicts for a distinct clinical behavior, resistance to androgen ablation, and frequent but short responses to chemotherapy. We sought to develop model systems that reflect human SCPC and can improve our understanding of its biology. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We developed a set of castration-resistant prostate carcinomas xenografts and examined their fidelity to their human tumors of origin. We compared the expression and genomic profiles of… CONTINUE READING


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