Modeling a Grid-Connected PV/Battery Microgrid System with MPPT Controller

  title={Modeling a Grid-Connected PV/Battery Microgrid System with MPPT Controller},
  author={Genesis Alvarez and Hadis Moradi and Mathew Smith and Ali Zilouchian},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
This paper focuses on performance analyzing and dynamic modeling of the current grid-tied fixed array 6.84kW solar photovoltaic system located at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). A battery energy storage system is designed and applied to improve the systems stability and reliability. An overview of the entire system and its PV module are presented. In sequel, the corresponding I-V and P-V curves are obtained using MATLAB-Simulink package. Actual data was collected and utilized for the… 

Control Architecture of Solar Photovoltaic AC-Bus Microgrid with Battery Storage System

This paper presents a control architecture for a photovoltaic AC-bus microgrid with a battery storage system, designed and verified in MATLAB/Simulink environment for grid-tied and islanded mode operations.

Algeria Power Management of Grid Connected PV System with Integrated Energy Storage

The paper presents the control and energy management of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic System (GCPS) with Integrated Energy Storage with Finite Set Model Predictive Control (FS-MPC).

Optimal Design and Performance Analysis of a Grid Connected Microgrid System

Microgrid (MG) is the vital component in the future global smart power system. The study of any MG system is utmost important as it presents ideas of integrating green energy in the electrical power

Control of Simulated Solar PV Microgrid Operating in Grid-Tied and Islanded Modes

In this paper, a DC-bus microgrid, based on solar array and battery storage, is simulated and the control system is developed to operate the microgrid in grid-tied and islanded modes, to carry out any condition that can be developed by the power management system.

Design, Issues and Protection of Microgrid

This paper demonstrates the Design, Modelling and Simulation of the Micro grid as contemporary project where it delivers the power based on load requirement. For different type of loads the paper

An Integrated MPPT And Inverter 12 VDC to 220 VAC with Current Limiter for Grid Connected Solar Cell System

Research on the integration of current limiters in solar power plants connected to the electricity network with an on grid system. This study aims to regulate the flow capacity of the solar cell

Power smoothing techniques to mitigate solar intermittency

It is proved that the ramp rate control has better performance than moving average and low passes filter techniques in mitigating solar intermittency.

Autonomous Power Management for Hybrid AC/DC Nano Grid Using ESS and DG

The increasing power demand with energy management is turning out to be an important aspect for electrical power system. Integration of Renewable Energy Source (RES) has indeed minimized the carbon

Comprehensive Review of Methods and Instruments for Photovoltaic–Thermoelectric Generator Hybrid System Characterization

A comprehensive review of the characterization methods and instruments used in PV-TEG hybrid system study represents the objective and could be interesting for researchers and engineers who are interested in finding solutions for characterizing or monitoring hybrid system components.



Coordinated voltage control of solar PV with MPPT and battery storage in grid-connected and microgrid modes

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are increasingly becoming a key player in meeting customer power demand in many countries today. Distributed Generation (DG) interconnection of DERs in both grid

Evaluation of the Main MPPT Techniques for Photovoltaic Applications

Evaluations among the most usual maximum power point tracking techniques, doing meaningful comparisons with respect to the amount of energy extracted from the photovoltaic (PV) panel [tracking factor) in relation to the available power, PV voltage ripple, dynamic response, and use of sensors.

Performance Recovery of Voltage Source Converters With Application to Grid-Connected Fuel Cell DGs

Simulation results based on detailed model indicate that the redesigned system with lower filter gain achieves more reliable performance in compare to the conventional current control scheme and the redesigned controller is quite successful in improving the startup and tracking responses along with enhancing the overall robustness of the system.

Annual performance comparison between tracking and fixed photovoltaic arrays

In this paper a performance comparison is conducted between a new grid-tied PV tracking system and a fixed mounting grid-tied PV system with identical solar panels as well as the same rated powers in

Optimized solar photovoltaic generation in a real local distribution network

A simulation model is built for the local distribution network based on obtained load profiles, GIS information, solar insolation, feeder and voltage settings, and the optimization problem of solar PVDG installation to determine the optimal siting and sizing for different penetration levels with different objective functions.

Time-series analysis of photovoltaic distributed generation impacts on a local distributed network

Increasing penetration level of photovoltaic (PV) distributed generation (DG) into distribution networks will have many impacts on nominal circuit operating conditions including voltage quality and

A battery management system for stand alone photovoltaic energy systems

  • S. DuryeaS. IslamW. Lawrance
  • Engineering
    Conference Record of the 1999 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Forth IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.99CH36370)
  • 1999
This paper outlines the development of a battery management system (BMS) for stand alone photovoltaic (PV) energy systems. The BMS calculates the state of charge (SOC) of a lead acid battery to

Distribution grid reliability analysis considering regulation down load resources via micro-PMU data

A novel data-driven approach is developed to use distribution-level μPMU data to analyze transient load behaviours and model the aggregate load transient profile, in form of an aggregate three-phase surge current profile, that is induced on a distribution feeder once a group of loads responds to a regulation down event.

Financial analysis of photovoltaic configurations for Colombian households

All the configurations of different solar configurations considered represent saving money for residential users along several cities, which sets the solar technology as a real solution for electricity micro generation in Colombia.

Life-Prediction Methods for Lithium-Ion Batteries Derived from a Fatigue Approach I. Introduction: Capacity-Loss Prediction Based on Damage Accumulation

The possibility of using mechanical-fatigue life-prognostic methods for the life prediction of Li-ion batteries is evaluated. To this end, a physics-based model of a battery experiencing a single