Modeling Transmission of Tuberculosis with MDR and Undetected Cases

  title={Modeling Transmission of Tuberculosis with MDR and Undetected Cases},
  author={Yongqi Liu and Zhendong Sun and Guiquan Sun and Qiu Zhong and Li Jiang and Lin Zhou and Yupeng Qiao and Zhongwei Jia},
This paper presents a novel mathematical model with multidrug-resistant MDR and undetected TB cases. The theoretical analysis indicates that the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if R0 < 1; otherwise, the system may exist a locally asymptotically stable endemic equilibrium. The model is also used to simulate and predict TB epidemic in Guangdong. The results imply that our model is in agreement with actual data and the undetected rate plays vital role in the TB trend… CONTINUE READING
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