Modeling TCR signaling complex formation in positive selection.

  title={Modeling TCR signaling complex formation in positive selection.},
  author={Katherine J. Hare and Judit E. Pongr{\'a}cz and Eric J. Jenkinson and Graham Anderson},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={171 6},
T cell receptor signaling in the thymus can result in positive selection, and hence progressive maturation to the CD4(+)8(-) or CD4(-)8(+) stage, or induction of apoptosis by negative selection. Although it is poorly understood how TCR ligation at the CD4(+)8(+) stage can lead to such different cell fates, it is thought that the strength of signal may play a role in determining the outcome of TCR signaling. In this study, we have characterized the formation of an active signaling complex in… CONTINUE READING