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Modeling Supermassive Primordial Stars with MESA

  title={Modeling Supermassive Primordial Stars with MESA},
  author={Nic Herrington and Daniel J. Whalen and Tyrone E. Woods},
Supermassive stars forming at 𝑧 ∼ 15 - 20 are one of the leading contenders for the origin of the first quasars, over 200 of which have now been discovered at 𝑧 > 6. These stars likely form in pristine, atomically cooled haloes immersed in strong Lyman-Werner UV backgrounds or in highly supersonic baryon streaming flows. Atomic cooling triggers catastrophic baryon collapse capable of building up stars at rates of up to ∼ 1 M (cid:12) yr − 1 . Here we examine the evolution of supermassive stars… 



Contributions to Plasma Physics

electrostatic sheared in ideal low-density and low-temperature pure pair-ion (PI) and pair-ion electron (PIE) plasmas in different cases. These instabilities are also studied with homogeneous and

arXiv:2008.08090, p. arXiv:2008.08090 Rogers F

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