Modeling MIMO-OFDM ad-hoc communication systems with computational electromagnetics

  title={Modeling MIMO-OFDM ad-hoc communication systems with computational electromagnetics},
  author={Chao Liang and K. R. Dandekar},
  journal={IEEE 60th Vehicular Technology Conference, 2004. VTC2004-Fall. 2004},
  pages={4340-4344 Vol. 6}
The paper proposes an efficient way to simulate MIMO-OFDM systems with computational electromagnetics. The key idea is to extrapolate channel responses at various frequencies based on the simulated electric field values at a certain frequency. Then it is shown how to fit the simulated and extrapolated channel responses into a statistical channel model. The system capacity under a MIMO-OFDM ad-hoc system scenario is analyzed and it can be seen that both spatial and frequency diversity have been… CONTINUE READING