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Modeling Heterogeneity in Bivariate Survival Data by Compound Poisson Distribution using Bayesian Approach

  title={Modeling Heterogeneity in Bivariate Survival Data by Compound Poisson Distribution using Bayesian Approach},
  author={David D. Hanagal and Alok D. Dabade},
Shared frailty models are often used to model heterogeneity in survival analysis. There are certain assumptions about the baseline distribution and distribution of frailty. In this paper, we consider compound Poisson distribution as frailty distribution and three different baseline distributions namely, Weibull, generalized exponential and exponential power distribution. With these three baseline distributions, we propose three different compound Poisson shared frailty models. To estimate the… 


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  • Binbing Yu
  • Mathematics
    Comput. Stat. Data Anal.
  • 2006
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