Modeling Flexforming (Fluid Cell Forming) Process with Finite Element Method

  title={Modeling Flexforming (Fluid Cell Forming) Process with Finite Element Method},
  author={Hasan Ali Hatipoğlu and Naki Polat and Arif Koksal and A. Erman Tekkaya},
  journal={Key Engineering Materials},
  pages={469 - 476}
In this paper, the flexforming process is modeled by finite element method in order to investigate the operation window of the problem. Various models are established using explicit approach for the forming operation and implicit approach for the unloading one. In all analyses the rubber diaphragm has been modeled revealing that the modeling of this diaphragm is essential. Using the material Aluminum 2024 T3 alclad sheet alloy, three basic experiments are conducted: Bending of a straight flange… Expand
Process modelling and die design concepts for forming aircraft sheet parts
This study is about typical sheet metal forming processes applied in aerospace industry including flexform, stretch form and stretch draw. Each process is modelled by using finite element method forExpand
The Experimental Investigation of Springback in V-Bending Using the Flexforming Process
The flexforming process is a sheet metal forming method that uses hydraulic fluid pressure and a rubber diagram to form sheet metal with a die. This study, for the first time, experimentallyExpand
Springback prediction of CP2 titanium sheets in hydroforming with membrane diaphragm process with finite element method
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Ability of the flexible hydroforming using segmented tool
The newly developed multipoint flexible hydroforming process is an adequate combination between hydroforming and multipoint forming processes to inherit flexibility and advantage synergies. TheExpand
The Evaluation of Process Parameters on Springback in V-bending Using the Flexforming Process
One of the most significant problems in bending sheet metals is the springback behavior caused by the elastic stress formed after the bending process. In this study, the effects of forming pressure,Expand
Agile Production of Sheet Metal Aviation Components Using Disposable Electromagnetic Actuators
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Production of low-volume aviation components using disposable electromagnetic actuators
Abstract Electromagnetic forming is commonly used to produce high strain rates to improve the formability of sheet metal. The objective of this paper is to discuss the feasibility of the use ofExpand
Springback Calibration of Sheet Metal Components Using Impulse Forming Methods
.............................................................................................................................. iiExpand


Optimization of blank dimensions to reduce springback in the flexforming process
Abstract In sheet metal forming operations, springback of the part during unloading largely determines whether the part conforms to the design dimensions and tolerances. Finite element simulationsExpand
Abstract Explicit time integration and dynamic finite element formulations are increasingly being used to analyze nonlinear static problems in solid and structural mechanics. This is particularlyExpand
Combined implicit/Explicit time-integration algorithms for the numerical simulation of sheet metal forming
In order to simulate stamping processes, an explicit method, which is conditionally stable, is generally thought to be the most adapted. Such an algorithm presents the advantage of being noniterativeExpand
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